Friday, March 20, 2015

Fey Project 6: Basing Without End

I took a major hiatus from this project at the start of the year. A big part of it was the wings. I just couldn't wrap my head around shading all the little cells on all four surfaces. The base was also a bit vexing, since it involves a lot of repetitive work with the photo-etch brass.

Thankfully, my local group paint day came to the rescue and pulled me out of my project funk. I am now forging ahead with a serious hope of bringing this thing to ReaperCon for display.

The work I actually did at paint day was to shade green onto the wings, giving them some depth, but not much visual interest. The base green just kind of faded into the background, and looked more dirty than illuminated.

Desperate to bring in something brighter, when I got home, I switched over the re the violet triad that dominates her hair and tunic. I blended the red mid-tone with a bright yellow to get an orange middle-ground to fill each cell. Given more time, I may try to take the gradient smoothly into the red-purple of the veins.

The other progress has been an advancement in her base. I painted in the bark of the tree stump that serves as her backdrop. It uses much of the cool brown palette that undercoats the shadows in her skin, but the brightest highlights share the same yellow that I have blended into her armor and wings, hopefully lending a similar warmth to the whole piece.

I also added a few more fern fronds to fill in the gaps around her feet. By the next update, I should be able to have her glued to the base with the finishing work well underway.

Progress feels good!

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