Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ogre Bones WIP (Part 3)

I made some more progress during the week. I really like the group project concept. It's been interesting to see the work of other painters using exactly the same model at the same time. You can see their work so far on the Reaper Boards here.

As you can see, I started in highlighting and painting the leather straps and accessories carried by our nefarious Ogre villain. I decided to leave the straps basically black against his skin, but I am using a basic brown leather / rawhide color for his belt pouch and clothing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ogre Bones WIP (Part 2)

In my last installment, I touched briefly on preparing my Reaper Bones ogre chieftain for paint, and  giving him a base coat of basic black to cover the plastic and start things off.

As you can see, I have finished most of the painting on his skin and eyes. I also gave his base a coating of primer and black paint to match the rest of the miniature. Read on for the detailed version of what I've done so far.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Time to Paint

I have been very busy lately, which has left me little time for painting, but I really wanted to participate in the group WIP on the Reaper forums, run by user "Buglips*the*Goblin". The idea of having a whole series of WIPs of the same miniature intrigues me, and ought to produce some cool results.

The model chosen is 77005, the Bones Ogre Chieftan (also available in pewter).

I got a late start on the project, but I plan to at least try to finish in a semi-timely manner. I will post my progress both here and on the Reaper boards.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Miniatures

The gaming industry has really jumped into Kickstarter with both feet. Veteran sculptor Patrick Keith has started one for his new line, "Bombshell Miniatures".

I'm a fan of Patrick's past work. Only time will tell if his dedicated line will be a success. You can find out more about his work on the Kickstarter page, or on the Bombshell Miniatures page, or on his personal website.

Also starting up is a pledge drive Tom Mason's Effigy Miniatures. I am less familiar with the specifics of Effigy and of Tom's work, but they are offering some interesting options for more modern or sci-fi subjects.

It seems like there are more popping up every week. They won't all appeal to everybody, but there are so many, any miniatures enthusiast will probably find something great. It's an exciting time for the hobby.