Monday, September 24, 2012

Time to Paint

I have been very busy lately, which has left me little time for painting, but I really wanted to participate in the group WIP on the Reaper forums, run by user "Buglips*the*Goblin". The idea of having a whole series of WIPs of the same miniature intrigues me, and ought to produce some cool results.

The model chosen is 77005, the Bones Ogre Chieftan (also available in pewter).

I got a late start on the project, but I plan to at least try to finish in a semi-timely manner. I will post my progress both here and on the Reaper boards.

So far, all I have really managed to do is to prep the mini and glue it to a base. I used an old GW 40mm square base which seems to fit nicely.

Even though Bones don't desperately need primer, I decided to start with a coat of black paint to darken my final effect. I don't usually see Ogres as brightly colored and cheerful, although you never know...

 I have high hopes to find  time to make real progress either tonight or tomorrow night. We'll see.

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