Sunday, May 19, 2013

RBG Keeper Completed

I found time to put some extra time into the "Keeper", from Red Box Games. I'm declaring him complete (for now).

I am quite happy with his color scheme and over-all look. I am going to have to retry a this skin tone, or a variation of it, on some undead in the near future.

This miniature is packed with detail, and I'll confess that when I got to the end and realized that he had some kind of knife or sword tucked into his robes (I think), I kind of needed a break from all the little fiddly bits.

I am seriously considering revisiting some of his little detail bits to see if I can pick them out an brighten them up a little better. I think the hilt would be better as another shade of light orange-brown, like some of this other straps and accessories.

My current plan is to take a break from such advanced figures and paint up a couple of table-top Battletech figures, before I dive into something new. I do have a pile of Reaper Bones that... followed.. me back from Texas.

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