Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Firestorm Armada Directorate Redux

I just thought I'd post a short update on what's going on on my work bench. I haven't abandoned the fey project featured in the last few posts, but progress has been slow. I'm going to try to get a little more done before I post another update.

In the mean time, some of you may recall my post about color experimentation on Directorate warships from Firestorm Armada.

I was reasonably happy with the results, but it never translated exactly how I wanted it to onto bigger and more complicated ships. Among other things, I thought a little more color can help out. Pure black is not very visually exciting.

While taking a break from the world of fantasy, I pulled out an old Judgement class Battleship and began to play around with options. The result is similar, with red forward plating, and a darker, black-ish aft section, but I replaced most of the steel / silver and much of the flat grey with bronze. The result is certainly more colorful.

I haven't decided on the blue windows and engines vs. the older yellows. I'd be happy to hear opinions in the comments. Another option would be to leave the color choices as-is, but to paint the command dome in the middle dark brown, like the aft plating, instead of bronze.

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