Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fey Project 8: The Home Stretch

In the past week, I finished my basing work on the Fey project, and I am almost done with the basic shading for the whole figure. Once I add some highlights to the edges of her wings, all I have to do is refine the light and shadow across the model to perfect the finish. (OK, to improve the finish. Nothing will ever be perfect.)

As you can see, I finished up the bracken leaves, and added in a couple of additional mushrooms to break up the yellow-green monotony of the base. Not visible in this picture is the fact that I have now gotten the yellow-orange blending roughed in on the back of her wings, making them more or less complete, even if the blends are not as butter-smooth as I might like.

In keeping with the theme of over-the-top basing, I 'borrowed' a new technique from artist Erin Hartwell and clipped out some paper butterflies to act as accents for the base, and to reinforce the overall color palette.

Once I had the shapes, I painted them with a mix of brush-on sealer for strength and thinned master series paints for color. The yellow and deep burgundy-purple are done with the same shades that I used for the rest of the project. The white in the eye spots is just about the only bright white on the whole project, and it is really tiny. I think it should work out pretty well. I do wish the purple looked a little less black though.

Once in-position, these things do add splashes of very bright color to highlight the base. I will try to wrap up and post a final picture before too long.

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