Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Confrontation Part II: It's Not Easy Being Green

As expected, I have been proceeding slowly with this giant diorama WIP. In the past few weeks, I have been mostly painting tabletop miniatures for my Dropzone Commander armies (more on that in a later entry.) Still, I have done a lot of work preparing the dragon Narthrax for paint.

I need to get both the dragon and the knight mostly cleaned and assembled before I can begin construction of the scenic base to support them. I can't really complete their assembly or paint until I get that done. As is usually the case, prep work is key.

What I have done, so far, is to assemble Narthrax, using standard superglue, and filling the gaps with green stuff putty. Superglue holds Bones plastic extremely well, and green stuff sticks to the surface surprisingly tightly, once it cures.

I was actually a bit surprised at how prominent the gaps are between the parts. I suppose I have been spoiled by working with resin and plastic for most of the past month; I am no longer used to the forgiving, but loose, quality of Bonesium.

As you can see, I have applied quite a bit to fill the seams, especially around the dragon's tail and wings. I have also sculpted some scales to help blend the parts together. I am no Julie Guthrie, but, hopefully, things will blend in, once paint is applied.

There is still some more cleanup to be done on Narthrax, but, at this point, I really need to start prioritizing tempest. The pegasus has some pretty severe mold lines, and I need to have it ready before I can attempt any staging work.

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