Wednesday, March 16, 2016


As if I needed more mecha minis, my Reaper CAV Kickstarter package arrived over the weekend, bringing me another batch of delightful plastic robot toys to paint and play with.

Unlike the white plastic of the original Bones series, and of the Alpha Strike early shipment that went out last year, the latest CAV plastics are molded in a solid grey color. I'm not sure I believe it makes an important difference for painting, but it sure makes photography easier for the unpainted version - Yes, painting on grey different than painting on white, but you can always apply a primer layer to change the start point.

The CAV models are a bit harder to dry-fit than some of the previous Bones minis. They parts are clearly keyed to fit together, but the fit is not always as snug as in some of the big fantasy Bones pieces. On the other hand, every single CAV model is multipart, whereas many of the fantasy sculpts are single piece castings that require no glue at all. Still, I managed to get all but two of the wee bots up on their feet, with nary a drop of glue!

I have heard varying estimate of CAV's scale, ranging from 10-12mm, but I think they fit well enough into the 10mm genre to be labled as such. The cockpits are, perhaps, a touch on the large size, compared to the more conservative stylings of Dropzone commander, but they should fit in without too much trouble.

Here you see them lined up with a selection of other 6mm and 28mm figures, for further comparison. I know that a number of Battletech players love CAV figures as a source of parts, but, personally, I think most CAVs are a bit big for that role.

Knowing most of these would not be painted for some time, I also took it upon myself to sort them into storage. When the time comes, I will be able to pull out a miniature giant robot to paint, and then terrorize the table top!

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