Saturday, February 18, 2012


I made some real progress on my Firestorm Armada fleet this week. In addition to adding a few more details to my Battleship, I now have a full squadron of heavy cruisers ready to take to the stars with my Dindrenzi fleet:

The basic paint scheme is still Vallejo Scurf Green and Games Workshop Crimson Gore. I've added in some blue highlights to add detail and visual interest to the bow of each ship. In the absence of any solid information, I'm going to claim that those areas are related to the cruiser's forward rail cannons.

As seen in the pictures, I've even started in on some terrain. I picked up some cheap 6" styrofoam spheres from my local hobby and craft store. They make perfect mid-sized planets or moons for the table top. I will say that it's a bit odd that the game that finally got me to start building war games terrain is a space game. You'd think I'd go for some hills or woods or something else along those lines.

I'm still sticking with the Roman theme for naming my fleet. We'll see if I can keep it up as I expand into more cruisers, capital ships and escorts. It's thematic and educational too!

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