Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Setting Goals

My "Shelf of Shame" has been growing. I've been playing in a variety of games lately, and I keep picking up a miniature to represent a character or fill out a unit roster and... starting to paint it. sadly, only a few of these new projects are actually done. The problem has reached the point that I can almost hear them all mocking me from their place on the work bench or, worse, the book shelf.

This is a common malady for painters, especially for those not painting towards a hard time limit, like a contest or a tournament. Sometimes deadlines are not just good, but necessary.

To remedy this, I have decided to set a target: I am going to try to finish five of these projects between now and ReaperCon, in just four weeks. If things go extra-well, I will enter at least one of them in Reaper's Master Series Open painting contest to be judged.

The projects chosen are a Summoner Omnimech (top), Barghest Battlemech (right), Reaper Bones Gnoll (left), Warlord Bow Sister (middle-left) and Halfling Sorcerer (middle-right)
To help motivate me, and keep me honest, I will post an update each week, listing my progress, or lack thereof. My progress tonight was to paint the green and yellow the Summoner model. Tune in next time to see what's changed.

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