Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hawkman Revisions and Conclusions

Last time I walked through the marble technique I wanted to try out on my Hawkman's base. I am happy with the technique, but, as mentioned, I wasn't completely satisfied with the warm-tone floor I created, when set against a very cool-themed miniature. Rather than randomly paint and repaint the base (which I had foolishly epoxied to the painted miniature before reaching this stage), I clipped some styrene tiles from spare stock and experimented with colors.

I didn't use any of those patterns exactly, but I was much happier with the greyer and bluer marble style for this figure.

 After a little side-by-side comparison, I re-did things with a cool-grey base and with grey-green veins in the stone. The result fits the over all color scheme better than the original, and, as a bonus, I have had much more practice painting marble floors :)

 I spent some time refining and redefining the metal pattern on his sword blade, and I finally painted in the hilt on the sword.

 The big issue right remaining is that his eyes, while bright yellow, only barely show up on the figure. I think the issue is twofold: First, they are quite small, when compared to the rest of him, and, second, he has fairly prominent brows which obscure them from above, which is where the typical human viewer is located.

Ah well, nothing is perfect. Perhaps I will look into brightening them up at a later date. For now, I am calling this a complete project.

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