Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ettin Project: Round 3

I did some painting during the past week, and then drove on over to Groton, CT for a semi-local paint day. It was a nice to be able to sit down with a group of like-minded hobbyists, and I actually made a lot of progress on this project. I am now hopefull that I can finish him up and bring him along to TotalCon to show off in a couple of weeks. I may even be able to turn him over to his rightful owner during the con.

During the week, I experimented with possible base textures. I wanted the plinth under the Ettin to look like some form of stone slab, as one might use in a large taxidermy display.

I started out by painting the base very dark brown, and then adding in details. In this case, I added in some white and light grey streaks, and then used a sponge to apply speckles of grey and brown in various shades.

With that all done, I applied a thin glaze of the brown color to tie things together. The overall effect was on the right track, but not really what I wanted. (The above picture lacks the glaze, but does show some of the general effect. Nevertheless, I think I may re-start from the base coat, and see if I can do better.

At paint day, I focused on the Ettin itself. I wanted to start filling in colors to get an idea of what the finished model would look like before I put much more effort into shading and blending just his skin. I did not, unfortunately, capture any pictures of the beasite during the day, but the above picture captures what he looked like when I got home.

I got a lot of good advice on color choices from the folks at paint day. I still need to continue the blue highlights some place, most likely along the wraps on his right arm, but, for now, I'm pretty happy with where this thing is heading.

One note, I do not know for sure if L and M are reading these blog entries, but, if they are, I hope they are happy with how this is turning out. I'm forging ahead based, mostly, on my own instincts.

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