Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ettin Project Completed

I finished up my Ettin project just ahead of my busy travel week for work and for TotalCon 2014, where I was able to deliver him to his proper owner. I am pleased to report that "M" seemed quite happy with his new toy.

I wound up applying a brown glaze to the Ettin's base, followed by a gloss sealer coat to polish up the stone, and make it fit better with the wood floor.

Having painted it fully, I have to say that I quite like this miniature. It has flaws, like the very soft skull hanging from his right hip. I would be interested in comparing it to the original, metal, version, but I am still looking forward to painting the Bones copy included in my original Kickstarter package.

With one project completed and delivered, I am moving on to other things. My first plan will be to clear the decks of partially painted Dindrenzi warships. (See my February 16th post for details) If I can actually finish with those, I have a series of other projects at various stages of completion, including a huge-sized Earth elemental, a few more human-sized fantasy miniatures, and that Thunderbolt battlemech I started, but never completed, last fall.

Until next time...

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