Sunday, May 31, 2015

CAV Razor: Continued

Home repairs, business travel and illness have conspired against much progress on the CAV project, but much of that is behind me, and I have made some headway as compared to my last installment.

I outlined a Malvernian insignia on the Razor to tie it into the CAV Universe. I'm not sure if the paint scheme is appropriate, but I gather that CAVs change schemes readily and often sport bright colors, so I imagine that it is acceptable.

I picked a bright yellow as the main color for freehand and other minor detail areas. It contrasts well with the purple. Once I had basic shading and details roughed in, I started adding painted-on wear and battle damage to the mini. I'll admit that I gor a little impatient at this stage, as not all of the model has its base shading in place. I will need to go back and revisit that before I can complete the weathering.

Before leaving for ReaperCon, I also experimented with some SecretWeapon weathering pigment to add dirt and grime to the lower legs and the wreckage on the base. It looked OK, but I was able to take a pigments class from "Mister Justin" McCoy himself, and I now know many things that I did wrong. I won't be starting over, but I will be revisiting the pigments and dirt when I reach the end of this project.

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