Saturday, December 10, 2011

Into the Unknown

I've been thinking about trying out one of the games published by Spartan Games over the last few years. They sound interesting, at a high level, and many of their models look pretty cool. In the last week, I managed to convince a friend of mine to try out Firestorm Armada. I ordered the core rulebook and a Dindrenzi Battleship to look at.

I received the rule book on Friday, and we should have enough materials to try out the game without any assembled miniatures. I'll post my first impressions here once we've had a chance to play it once or twice.

In addition to being a new game, this is also going to be my first experience with cast resin models. (I haven't bought any of GW's "Fine Cast" minis, as of yet.) I've read about the quirks and foibles of resin, mostly in articles about larger scale models, rather than gaming miniatures. We'll see how it goes.

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