Saturday, December 17, 2011

Newer Parts

I got my Dindrenzi gunship and heavy cruiser. Unlike the battleship I've been working on, these are relatively simple models. The gunship is cast in just one big piece!

Both of these ships were released after the initial Firestorm Armada rules and fleet boxes, and it shows. The casting is near-perfect, and there is no sign at all of the odd "ridges" defect I saw on the Battleship. The flat surfaces are smooth and clean; the engraved panel lines are sharp and clear.

There is some flash, especially at the tail end of the heavy cruiser. It is not excessive; I don't think it will be hard to clean it up. There is also a hefty pour stub at the rear of the gunship, but it is in a place where the detail is trivial to clean up once I've removed it.
I am currently resisting the temptation to run out and buy a whole fleet at once. I plan to take my time building and painting these models and playing one or two more games before I commit fully, but the temptation to jump in is strong.

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