Monday, January 30, 2012

Model Quick Look

I picked up a dreadnought for my Dindrenzi fleet from Spartan Games. If the Battleship I build up in my last WIP was big, this beast is huge. For reference, I photographed it side by side with a second battleship:

I do quite like the model. I've build most of the model, but the final assembly is going to wait until I finish most of the painting. I think it will be hard to impossible to do a good job on the space between the two weapon booms after assembly is complete.

The ship comes in six parts, not including the base. They are: the main hull, two weapon booms, the bridge that sits between the booms and a two part bridge superstructure. Prior to painting, I've attached the bridge tower and one boom to the hull. I also glued the bridge pod to the installed boom.

As you can see, I drilled pretty substantial holes in the hull to help attach the booms. You might say that a two inch long section of 1/8th inch brass rod is over kill for this joint, but I say there is no such thing!

There are some mold issues along the edges of the main hull. I had to fix them with some green stuff, but there were no panel lines along that portion of the hull, so I was able to just putty over the flay and sand it smooth. There were also some ease to remove lines among the engines at the back of the ship, but nothing serious.

I'm getting used to working with resin. I like the ease of sanding and filing the material, but it is a double-edged sword. It is very unforgiving of sloppy cutting or sanding - every missed stroke leaves a mark.

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