Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review

Phew! Another year down. It's hard to believe I've been at this for three years, and over 100 posts. 2014 was not my most consistent year for painting and posting, but I did hit my goal of averaging at least two posts per month. With any luck, next year they will be a bit more evenly distributed across the calendar.

I have assembled a 2014 gallery that includes every miniature that I have completed this year. I am hoping to continue this tradition in future years, allowing me to keep track of how much I am getting done, and what it looks like.

Personal firsts for the year:

  • First time working with Sculpey
  • First attempt at resin casting
  • First complete catch sculpt of a miniature
  • First time award won at GenCon
  • First miniature articulated with magnets
Sure, not all of these have been successful, but it feels good to stretch my skills and learn more about the hobby. Hopefully some of my rambling notes and commentary has been useful or interesting.

I always with that I could devote more time to the hobby, both to improve my skills, and also to get more projects completed. 2014 got off to a very slow start, but looking back, I did manage to get some real work done. You can find the  2014 gallery page here.

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  1. You've accomplished quite a bit this past year– congrats! :)